Project Initiation

Large and Small Project Initiation Approval Workflow

The Project Initiation phase is the beginning of all capital projects.  The phase begins with the receipt of a Project Request form from a user group, technical group, or executive sponsor in the case of larger projects.  CPD may learn of a project prior to the submittal of a request form, and may assist the submitting stakeholder in the completion of the project request form.  

Once the request form is submitted, the CPD project manager will meet with the submitting stakeholders to learn more about the need that led to the submittal of the request.  The CPD project manager will review the new construction site or space to be renovated with the user group and the applicable technical groups to develop basic project criteria.  The project manager will then develop a preliminary, ROM project budget with the assistance of Campus Planning (benchmarks for total project cost and construction cost), ITS, DSS, and others.

The PM will draft the preliminary set of Owner's Project Requirements to the best of his/her ability to document all of the program, technical, schedule, and budgetary information.  The PM will then review this information with the user group/executive sponsor and the technical groups to confirm that it accurately details the project request.  The PM will then submit the OPR to CPD for later inclusion in an FY approval request for smaller projects.  For larger projects, a summary of the OPR will be submitted to the Provost/CFO for approval to move to the Programming phase.  If approved, large projects will receive funding equivalent to 5% of the ROM project budget estimate as the project enters the Programming phase.

Project Controls
Organization Executive Sponsor and User Group identified
Communications Project Request received

Budget report at conclusion of phase

Board of Trustees N/A
Capital Projects Committee N/A
Provost/CFO Approve or reject Large Projects to proceed to Programming phase
Funding Large Projects - 5% funding received if project proceeds; Small projects - see FY Approval process
Steering Committee N/A
User Group

Approve OPR for submission

Economic Impact N/A
Vendor Management


Cost Management
Budget Prepare ROM Project Budget; Large projects- set up project in e-Builder if approved at end of phase
Construction Cost Work with Campus Planning to review benchmarks, establish $/SF cost estimate
Cash Flow


Schedule Management
Project Schedule Prepare preliminary milestone schedule

Meet with OCE to introduce project

Quality Management
Design Reviews User and Technical Groups review OPR prior to approval submittal
Construction Quality N/A
Risk Management
Project Insurance Meet with Risk Management to discuss insurance strategy, OPPI, Builder's Risk, other project costs
FM Global


Program and Design Management

Program Meet with user Group to discuss project/program goals and requirements, complete OPR
Zoning/Planned Development Meet with Planning to review PD considerations
Master Planning Considerations Meet with Planning to analyze campus planning impacts
Heritage Meet with Planning to review heritage status of proposed projects
Accessibility Meet with Planning to establish preliminary Accessibility goals
Space Management N/A
Landscaping/Sitework Meet with Planning to discuss site considerations
Bird Safety Meet with Planning to discuss bird safety considerations, if required
General Identify general sustainability goals
Energy Identify preliminary EUI, if applicable
Engineering and Utilities
Utilities Identify new utility services needed (if any)
Mechanical Meet with technical groups to develop OPR
Building Automation Meet with technical groups to develop OPR
Electrical Meet with technical groups to develop OPR
Fire Protection Meet with technical groups to develop OPR
Plumbing Meet with technical groups to develop OPR

Meet with E&U to discuss preliminary Cx strategy

Operations and Maintenance
Building Envelope Meet with technical groups to develop OPR
Interior Finishes Meet with technical groups to develop OPR
Elevators Meet with technical groups to develop OPR
IT Services Develop preliminary ITS budget, including Audio-Visual

Develop preliminary DSS budget

Key Deliverables
OPR Preliminary OPR prepared by FS, submit for project approval to proceed
Design Documents N/A
Budget Preliminary ROM budget estimate
Presentations OPR Summary presentation to Provost/CFO for project and 5% funding approval (Large Projects)
Contracts/Vendors N/A

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