Project Management Tools

To facilitate the process of Capital Project Delivery, the department works with several sets of standards and employs technological tools to automate processes and to store project and departmental documents in convenient locations.

Design Standards
Facilities Services maintains the following standards that allow the CPD project manager to provide guidance to design and construction teams:

  • Guidance for Design Teams – this document provides general and zone‐specific information for architects and engineers. This document should be reviewed at the start of any project. Much of the criteria will not apply to renovation projects, but this document can be used to reinforce key principles that should underpin capital projects at the University of Chicago.
  • Planned Development – the University of Chicago campus resides within Planned Development 43. Established in 1966, Planned Development 43 acts as a single building zoning classification for the University of Chicago campus. The Planned Development zoning requirements affect both new buildings and renovations. The CPD project manager will work with Facilities Campus Planning + Sustainability and the Office of Civic Engagement to determine what requirements apply to a specific project. The Planned Development also affects the permitting process for many projects.
  • Facilities Services Standards (FS2) – The standards documented in FS 2 are intended to guide Consultants and others providing design, engineering and construction services for the University. The standards are intended to summarize information that is unique to the University of Chicago either by the specialized nature of the facility or by the requirements of the University in integrating stewardship, design, construction, operations, and maintenance. The standards are by reference incorporated into design and construction contracts. The CPD project manager should ensure that Facilities Services representatives review design submissions at each milestone for compliance with FS2.

Project Management Tools

  • e‐Builder – the department of Capital Project Delivery uses e‐Builder software to fully automate a number of procedures that apply to all capital projects. e‐Builder is used to manage project budgets, prepare cash flow forecasts, manage vendor procurement, transmit project design documents, administer contracts and change orders, process invoices and pay applications, and to manage the RFI and Submittal processes. e‐Builder is also the primary document management system for all electronic project files. e‐Builder provides visibility to CPD and Facilities Services leadership about key project indicators. The use of e‐Builder for vendor procurement assures that all selection processes, contract issuances, and change order approvals will strictly follow University procurement guidelines. CPD regularly provides training to project managers and external vendors who interface with the software.
  • Z Drive – the Z drive is the Facilities Services shared network drive. This shared drive allows CPD to ensure that all project managers will have access to standard documents, including policy documents, reporting templates, RFP documents, budget forms, and other important tools. When starting a project, the CPD project manager should visit the Z drive to obtain standard document templates to be customized for the specific project.

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