Project Delivery Guide

Executive Summary

The Department of Capital Project Delivery (CPD) has developed the Project Delivery Guide in order to take advantage of the opportunity to design a new way to articulate project controls and policies. The Guide is a web‐based tool that will be very accessible and will also allow for embedding links to important documents that should be used by CPD project managers on all projects. The Guide will standardize document formats, reporting procedures and report templates, and most importantly will clarify Project Governance structures and communication protocols for all projects.

The streamlined Project Delivery Guide will provide more consistent guidelines for CPD project managers and a transparent tool for University stakeholders to understand the project delivery process. The Guide is intended to provide clarity for both CPD and its University clients regarding decision‐making processes, project funding procedures and timing, and other project approval protocols. CPD hopes to use the Guide to work with our partners on campus to refine the project delivery process by establishing consistent, repeatable guidelines for project governance based on the total dollar value of a project.

The Guide also has the goal of improving the productivity of CPD project managers. The Guide is expected to create a more efficient way of organizing important tools and document templates to make them easily accessible for project managers. The Project Delivery Guide will not only articulate key project control procedures and policies, but will also provide links to important tools and documents within the project control descriptions. The combination of improved, standardized project controls and updated/centrally organized document templates will allow project managers to function more efficiently.

The Guide itself does not define specific design criteria, but provides links to the standardized documents that may be used for that purpose. The Process Phase documents illustrate to the CPD project manager and the design and construction team how the project documentation will be developed throughout the design phase, and which criteria will be monitored to ensure the successful construction and turnover of CPD projects.

The Project Delivery Guide is not intended to be a process manual. The Guide is a resource that provides a project delivery framework according to typical milestones. The Guide clearly articulates project approval and communication protocols, and describes the roles and responsibilities of key project stakeholders. It provides an overview of the important functions of managing cost, schedule, program, design, and quality.

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