Capital Project Delivery: Overview of Services

The Capital Project Delivery (CPD) group in Facilities Services manages the University’s design and construction projects, including new buildings, renovations, furniture procurement, and campus improvement projects. CPD reports through Facilities Services to the Executive Vice President. Project management begins as soon as a new project request is submitted, continuing through programming and design, and through completion of the construction phase. CPD works closely with Facilities Operations & Maintenance and Engineering & Utilities to transition each construction project to a successfully operating space for our University clients.

Capital Project Delivery (CPD) is comprised of professional project managers who are responsible for the development, design, and construction of all capital projects, from large new construction projects to minor renovations or repairs. The CPD project manager leads all aspects of the capital project. CPD will help clients conceptualize, design, and build their projects while exercising appropriate control over project budget and schedule. CPD will guide clients through move‐in, occupancy, and turnover, and will assist both end‐users and Facilities Operations & Maintenance as they begin to operate the completed space. CPD Project managers are empowered to make decisions necessary to balance every project’s competing priorities within the framework of process controls University procurement rules.

CPD plans, designs, and builds facilities and landscapes to create a sustainable and engaging campus for one of the world’s great intellectual communities. The University community – its faculty, students, staff, and visitors – is our client and each member of our department plays a role in supporting the University’s mission of world‐class teaching and research. Our team supports that mission through efforts to enhance the University campus and environment and to provide superior client service to our community including faculty, students, staff, neighbors and visitors.

For all projects, CPD must balance the following primary goals:

Budget Deliver projects of long-term value within justifiable, benchmarked budgets
Program Develop spaces that support the education and research mission of the university
Quality Deliver buildings and landscapes that continue the University of Chicago tradition of high quality
Schedule Deliver projects in a timely manner
Sustainability Enhance environmental performance on both new projects and renovations

Capital Project Delivery seeks to maximize value to the University within allotted project budgets. The Project Delivery Guide is designed to facilitate the early definition of project criteria for program, aesthetics, technical requirements, sustainability, budget, and schedule. Within these rough parameters developed at the very outset of a project, before lifting a pencil, project teams have the ability to start with an array of ideas that are winnowed down as program and design progress.

As construction begins, the focus shifts to executing without significant changes in direction that might jeopardize the project budget or schedule. This Project Delivery Guide serves as a framework for CPD Project Managers and other project stakeholders to collaborate to enhance the quality of all capital projects at the University of Chicago. The Project Controls established in the Guide are not intended to restrict creativity, but to support the effort to design and build quality through a transparent and collaborative process.

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