Where can I get information on Graduate Student Housing?

Residential Services manages information on Graduate Student Housing.

How do I request a bicycle rack?

A service request is needed for requesting a Bicycle Rack.

Who can I call about removing snow?

For snow removal on University property, contact Facilities Services.  For the UC Medical Center, contact their security department.  For city streets, contact the City of Chicago.  For the Midway, contact the Chicago Park District.  See the Snow Removal FAQ for more information about removing snow.

How does the University manage recycling on campus?

The University of Chicago has single-stream recycling, meaning that all recyclable items can be dropped into any recycling container on campus. This includes glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, and plastic.  The Environmental Research and Sustainability manages information about recycling.

Does Facilities Services have an architect/designer who can tell me if a project is feasible or if a permit is required?

Facilities Services can give some general guidance on project feasibility, but we do rely on outside architects, engineers, and contractors to assess code, life safety, constructability, and costs.  Visit our "Starting a Project" webpage for more information.

Where can I get information about projects that the City, ComEd, AT&T, etc. are doing on campus?

The best sources of information on work on or around campus being completed by the City of Chicago or public utility companies is the Alderman's office or the utility company.

What do you think this project will cost?  And can it be done within a specified time frame?

Facilities Services can give some general guidance on project costs and schedules, but we do rely on the assessments of outside architects, engineers, and contractors. Visit our "Starting a Project" webpage for more information.

What kind of plant/tree is growing at a specific location on campus?

Visit the University of Chicago Botanic Garden website.

How can I plant a memorial tree on campus?

See our Functional Directory.

How can I obtain Quadrangle Access Permits?

Exception Permits for accessing the Main Quadrangles are managed by the Transportation & Parking Office.

I have a cleaning or painting needs in my building.  Since you are doing a project in the general area, can you help me get this done as well?

A service request is needed to start cleaning or painting work.  See Cleaning Services or Trades Services for more information.

Where can I find information about purchasing furniture?

The Master Furniture Standards Program provides options from preferred furniture dealerships that meet or exceed the University's criteria. 

Do you have a place to store stuff?

Facilities Services does not have general storage space on campus.

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