Trades Services

There are multiple trades within Facilities Operations providing a wide variety of services. 

  • Building Envelope: The physical components of a building envelope include the foundation, roof, walls, doors and windows.
  • Carpenter Shop: Fabricates, installs, repairs, alters and maintains building components such as ceiling, floor, wall, window, door and other building and related institutional components.
  • Elevators: Elevator service technicians of our vendor partners inspect, repair, maintain, modify and fabricate electrical and electronic circuitry and electrical, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical equipment of passenger and freight elevator systems and power lifts.
  • Glass and Glazing: Replaces, installs, repairs and maintains all types of glass and glass substitutes.
  • Keyshop/Locksmiths: Provides combinations and lock and key service involving the repair, installation and maintenance of locking systems.
  • Masonry: Performs work in the fabrication, maintenance, repair or alteration of brick, tile, stone and prefabricated components.
  • Metal Working: Fabricates, installs and maintains sheet metal, machined and plastic parts and equipment.
  • Paint Shop: Prepares and coats interior and exterior surfaces of buildings, structures, fixtures and furniture and performs a variety of related operations.
  • Plumbing: Assembles, installs, repairs and performs maintenance to piping, fixtures and equipment used in the distribution, drainage and ventilation of water, water-carried waste, air, gas and other liquids.

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