Snow Removal

When snow and ice hit campus, Facilities Services Landscape, Residential and Campus Services partner to ensure the well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors. As campus workers clear sidewalks, steps and parking lots, cooperation from the University of Chicago community is key in keeping snow removal safe and swift.

Helpful hints for a safe winter at the University of Chicago

In order to minimize the risk of slip and fall injuries due to icy and slippery surfaces, the following measures are in place:

  • Landscape Services removes snow and applies snow melt to walks, parking lots and sidewalks up to University buildings. Campus and Residential services clear building entrances, stairs, landings and handicap ramps.
  • Landscape Services and the Transportation & Parking department clear parking lots.
  • Call 773.834.1414 to report an area in need of snow or ice removal on campus. 
  • Employees are encouraged to use the main entrance of a building during a snow event.
  • Safety is our priority during inclement weather. Use caution when navigating campus during a snow event.

Simple ways to help the snow and ice removal process

  • If possible, park in the plowed areas to help snow removal workers quickly clear the unplowed areas without navigating around vehicles.
  • Avoid chaining bikes to signs. Not only is doing so illegal on campus, but it also creates obstacles for snow removal equipment.
  • The snow melt application takes some time to take effect. It is an effective method, but the results aren’t instantaneous. 

Facilities Services uses organic accelerator for snow and ice removal

Landscape Services uses a sugar beet byproduct as part of the de-icing process. Normally this sugar beet waste material is dumped down the drain, but it offers benefits when combined with brine for application on icy entranceways and sidewalks. In addition to its environmentally-friendly characteristics, the product reacts longer on sidewalks and increases the life of our equipment life because, unlike salt, it is anti-corrosive.

See the Snow Removal FAQ if you have identified an area that needs snow removal attention.

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