Snow Removal FAQ

Who is responsible for removing snow from the city streets?

In Chicago, snow removal is the responsibility of the city and property owners. The City of Chicago has responsibility for the public right-of-way. This includes the travel lanes of the street. The City of Chicago requires property owners to remove snow from sidewalks and walkways that adjoin their property. Off-street parking facilities are the responsibility of the operator.

Who removes snow from the Midway?

Paths throughout the Midway Plaisance and Washington Park are the responsibility of the Chicago Park District. Although within the purview of the Chicago Park District, in an effort to aid pedestrian traffic from the South Campus, Facilities Services clears the Ellis Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue sidewalks that bisect the Midway Plaisance from 59th to 60th streets, as well as the walkways lining Dorchester Avenue. At the Laboratory Schools, Facilities Services clears the path across the northern panel from 59th to the westbound lane of the Plaisance and the north/south walks between 60th and 59th streets and Woodlawn and Ellis avenues on either side of the skating rink.

Who can I call about removing snow?

  • On University property including Residential Properties you can call the Facilities Services Service Center at 773.834.1414.
  • For the UC Medical Center, contact their security department at 773.702.6262.
  • For city streets and the park district, call 311 to report snow removal. You can also report this on the city’s website.

How Do I?

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