Programming Approval Workflow

The Programming phase only occurs on Large Projects. Programming allows the project team to take the information acquired during Project Initiation and documented in the OPR to the next level of detail. The program is usually defined with the assistance of a programming consultant and further engagement with the User, Technical, and Approval groups through a series of meetings, focus groups, development and review of test fit plans, ultimately culminating in a final Programming Report.

Using the Programming Report, the CPD project manager will update the preliminary project budget and schedule that were developed in the Project Initiation phase, with the benefit of more knowledge of the project's scope of work. The OPR will be updated to include the Programming Report as an Appendix, and will also include updated technical project criteria. Based on the updated program, schedule, and budget information, CPD will compile a presentation to be delivered to the Capital Projects Committee. The CPC will then approve or reject the project to proceed to Architect Selection.

The Programming phase, which generally spans at least a few months, brings new stakeholders into the project. A Working Group consisting of users, the CPD PM, and possibly others at the discretion of the User Group chair, will be heavily relied upon to provide the Programming Consultant with information to craft a program that most accurately meets the group's needs. The CPD PM will also meet with the Office of Civic Engagement to discuss the project's permitting strategy, and will meet jointly with OCE and Procurement to discuss diversity goals for the projects. With new stakeholders in the fold, the CPD PM will work within FS to develop a draft communications plan for the project.

Project Controls
Organization Confirm PM assignment; Create Project Working Group, identify members
Communications Develop Draft project communication plan; Introduce project to Support Services group

Budget, schedule report prior to CPC presentation for review with Executive Sponsor

Board of Trustees N/A
Capital Projects Committee Reviews Large Projects to proceed to Architect Selection phase
Provost Approve or reject Large Projects to proceed to Architect Selection phase
Funding Large Projects, if approved, receive additional funding, bringing total to 20% of preliminary project budget
Steering Committee N/A
User Group

Approve Programming Report

Economic Impact Meet with Civic Engagement and Procurement to discuss M/WBE and workforce goals
Vendor Management

Select Programming Consultant, other consultants (reference Procurement Plan); Confirm contracting strategy

Cost Management
Budget Prepare full project budget estimate after completion of Programming Report
Construction Cost Update construction cost estimate based on Programming Report
Cash Flow


Schedule Management
Project Schedule Update project schedule after completion of Programming Report


Quality Management
Design Reviews User, Technical Groups review Programming Report
Construction Quality


Risk Management
Project Insurance N/A
FM Global


Program and Design Management

Program Meet with ITS/programming group to discuss project needs, refine budget estimate


Zoning/Planned Development N/A
Master Planning Considerations N/A
Heritage N/A
Accessibility Consult with Campus Planning to review Accessibility goals/requirements
Space Management N/A
Landscaping/Sitework Meet with Programming group if required
Bird Safety N/A
General Identify LEED target
Energy Identify preliminary EUI (if applicable - consult with E&U)
Engineering and Utilities
Utilities Identify preliminary loads and connection points
Mechanical Meet with programming group if required
Building Automation Meet with programming group if required
Electrical Meet with programming group if required
Fire Protection N/A
Plumbing N/A


Operations and Maintenance
Building Envelope N/A
Interior Finishes N/A
Elevators N/A
IT Services

Meet with ITS/programming group to discuss project needs, refine budget estimate


Meet with ITS/programming group to discuss project needs, refine budget estimate

Key Deliverables
OPR OPR updated with programming info, budget, schedule, delivery process
Design Documents Programming Report
Budget Update ROM budget to Preliminary Project Budget
Presentations Documents submitted to CPC for project and 20% funding approval
Contracts/Vendors Programming Consultant, other consultants if applicable (geotech, environmental, cost estimator, etc)

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