Cyclical FY or Off-Cycle Approval

Large and Small Cyclical FY Approval Process

The Cyclical FY Approval Process phase is an umbrella for the submittal of all Small Projects for approval to proceed to Architect Selection, and to receive 100% funding based on the preliminary ROM budget prepared during Project Initiation.  The departments of Capital Project Delivery and Campus Planning collaborate to prepare documents for submittal to the Capital Projects Committee requesting approval for all small projects that received a project request form. The FY Approval process occurs once a year, with a batch of projects submitted for approval as a group.  The CPC typically approves some, but not all, of the submitted projects.  The projects approved by the Capital Projects Committee proceed to Architect Selection with a fully funded budget.

While it is typical for a Small Project to go through the Cyclical FY approval process, projects may also need to proceed more quickly than the cyclical process will allow.  In these instances, the receipt of a project request form will trigger the Off Cycle Approval process.  Reasons for off cycle approval of project funding may include urgent building system or roof repairs, departmental needs to accommodate incoming faculty or researchers, grant funding timelines, or a variety of other scenarios.  In the case of off cycle approvals, the CPC will either approve/reject the request or delegate the request to be handled by the Provost/CFO.  If an off cycle request is approved, the project proceeds to Architect Selection and follows the same steps as a typical Small Project.

Large Projects do not enter the FY Approval Process.  Large Projects approved at the end of Project Initiation will proceed to Programming.

Project Controls
Organization Confirm Project Manager assignment
Communications N/A
Board of Trustees N/A
Capital Projects Committee Reviews FY Approval package prior to approval by Provost
Provost Approve or reject Small Projects to proceed to Architect Selection phase
Funding Small Projects receive 100% of funding based on ROM project budget estimate if approved to proceed
Steering Committee N/A
User Group


Economic Impact N/A
Vendor Management


Cost Management
Budget Set up project budget in e-Builder if approved at conclusion of phase
Construction Cost N/A
Cash Flow


Schedule Management
Project Schedule N/A


Quality Management
Design Reviews N/A
Construction Quality


Risk Management
Project Insurance N/A
FM Global


Program and Design Management
Program N/A
Planning N/A
Zoning/Planned Development N/A
Master Planning Considerations N/A
Heritage N/A
Accessibility N/A
Space Management N/A
Landscaping/Sitework N/A
Bird Safety N/A
General N/A
Energy N/A
Engineering and Utilities
Utilities N/A
Mechanical N/A
Building Automation N/A
Electrical N/A
Fire Protection N/A
Plumbing N/A


Operations and Maintenance
Building Envelope N/A
Interior Finishes N/A
Elevators N/A
IT Services N/A


Key Deliverables
Design Documents N/A
Budget N/A
Presentations Documents submitted to CPC for project and 100% funding approval
Contracts/Vendors N/A

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