Architect Selection

Architect Selection Approval Workflow

Architect Selection occurs on both small and large projects. The process for architect selection differs significantly for each type of project. For small projects, CPD works with Procurement to manage the selection process, defining the criteria for selection, and selecting the architect.

For large projects, CPD works with the project's Executive Sponsor to form an architect selection committee and to agree upon the list of architects who will be invited to participate. The selection process usually involves the submission of A/E proposals that include some conceptual design ideas. The selection committee then meets to create a short list of A/E firms to invite to be interviewed. The firms are interviewed by the full selection committee, with a recommendation then made to the CPFC to approve the selection of the successful firm. If the recommendation is approved, CPD then works with Procurement to bring the committee's selected firm under contract.

On rare occasions, the architect selection process will include a design competition, which proceeds similarly to the large project A/E selection process, but also includes full design submittals, and design meetings between the competing firms and the selection committee prior to proposal submission.

On both small and large projects, the start of Architect Selection indicates that the project is either proceeding at 100% funding (small projects) or that it is very likely to proceed (large projects). Therefore, it is the appropriate time to roll out the project communication plan to key stakeholders.

Project Controls
Organization CPD and Executive Sponsor create architect selection committee (large projects)
Communications Rollout of project communication plan

Prepare summary report of architect selection process

Board of Trustees ICC approves or rejects architect selection recommendation (projects over $15MM)
Capital Projects Committee CPC reviews architect selection recommendation
Provost N/A
Funding Large projects receive 20% project funding if architect selection is approved, proceeding to Schematic Design
Steering Committee N/A
User Group


Economic Impact N/A
Vendor Management

Architect contract issued

Cost Management
Budget N/A
Construction Cost N/A
Cash Flow


Schedule Management
Project Schedule Update project schedule based on actual dates for architect selection process

Meet with OCE to further discuss permitting strategy

Quality Management
Design Reviews N/A
Construction Quality


Risk Management
Project Insurance Confirm insurance strategy and project costs
FM Global


Program and Design Management
Program N/A
Zoning/Planned Development N/A
Master Planning Considerations N/A
Heritage N/A
Accessibility N/A
Space Management N/A
Landscaping/Sitework N/A
Bird Safety N/A
General N/A
Energy N/A
Engineering and Utilities
Utilities N/A
Mechanical N/A
Building Automation N/A
Electrical N/A
Fire Protection N/A
Plumbing N/A


Operations and Maintenance
Building Envelope N/A
Interior Finishes N/A
Elevators N/A
IT Services N/a


Key Deliverables
OPR Update OPR with architect selection information
Design Documents N/A
Budget N/A
Presentations ICC presentation for recommendation of Architect Selection
Contracts/Vendors A/E contract issued

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