Mobilization Approval Workflow

The Mobilization phase is a short interval between the completion of construction documents and the start of construction. There are two primary areas of focus during Mobilization:

  • Finalizing General Contract award and contract issuance (small project); Finalizing GMP (large project)
  • Securing full Building Permit ‐ all projects

With the drawings and RFP issued at the end of construction documents, bids are received and the General Contract or GMP is negotiated during the Mobilization phase. Although projects are fully funded, a contractor or GMP recommendation, along with an updated budget projection, are reviewed with the Provost and CFO, who approve the contract issuance or GMP change order.

The permit drawings will have been submitted during the Construction Documents phase, so that the receipt of the building permit will coincide with or shortly follow the construction contract award. For small projects, the permit cannot be received until the General Contractor is selected, as they must complete forms to finalize the building permit.

Once the contract or GMP is awarded, the Contractor/CM mobilizes to the site, establishes temporary utility service, and makes accommodations to maintain accessible paths of travel within the building being renovated, or around the perimeter of the construction site.

Project Controls
Organization N/A
Communications Issue notice to project neighbors or affected departments confirming start of construction and logistics information

Continue project reporting; Monthly budget report contains updated budget based on contract/GMP awards

Board of Trustees N/A
Capital Projects Committee N/A
Provost/CFO Approve General Contractor selection for Small Projects; Approve GMP recommendation for Large Projects
Funding N/A
Steering Committee Approve updated OPR, GMP recommendation/budget allocations
User Group


Economic Impact Review General Contractor proposals for compliance with M/WBE and workforce goals (small projects)
Vendor Management

General Contractor selected (small projects); major subcontracts awarded (large projects)

Cost Management
Budget Update project budget and contingency management plan after award of GC contract (small projects)
Construction Cost N/A
Cash Flow


Schedule Management
Project Schedule Update schedules

Receive building permit

Quality Management
Design Reviews N/A
Construction Quality


Risk Management
Project Insurance N/A
FM Global


Program and Design Management
Program N/A
Zoning/Planned Development N/A
Master Planning Considerations N/A
Heritage N/A
Accessibility Temporary accessible reroutes implemented, signage posted
Space Management N/A
Landscaping/Sitework N/A
Bird Safety N/A
General N/A
Energy N/A
Engineering and Utilities
Utilities Temporary utility services to project site established if required
Mechanical N/A
Building Automation N/A
Electrical N/A
Fire Protection N/A
Plumbing N/A


Operations and Maintenance
Building Envelope N/A
Interior Finishes N/A
Elevators N/A
IT Services N/A


Key Deliverables
Design Documents N/A
Budget N/A
Presentations N/A
Contracts/Vendors General Contractor contract issued (small projects), GMP agreement for large projects

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