University Stakeholders - Technical Groups

The technical groups are University departments and individuals that have developed general design and construction guidelines and standards. The groups provide technical expertise and guidance in order to define and execute the project according to University standards. These groups function in a supporting, advisory capacity to Capital Project Delivery.

Role of technical group representatives: Each technical user group is required to designate a single individual to be responsible for gathering, disseminating, and communicating information from the project team to their department/group, as well as communicating from the department/group back to the project team within project schedule constraints. The CPD project manager coordinates directly with the technical user group representative. The following technical groups provide project support:

Campus Planning (CP) manages the University’s campus planning, feasibility studies and exterior environment design. Campus Planning leads the annual capital planning process for the  department and is responsible for gathering and maintaining budgetary data for all projects on campus in order to assist Capital Project Delivery in the development of new project budgets. CP oversees strategies to protect/adapt heritage resources and to enhance accessibility. This unit also includes IT Business Applications to ensure all units within FS receive support for business operations. Campus Planning works closely with Capital Project Delivery and Facilities Operations to transition planning projects to successful project implementations. Campus Planning also provides landscape design review and construction support services.

Sustainability is a subgroup of the Campus Planning group. The sustainability group provides design criteria and design review services geared towards helping each capital project deliver the most environmentally responsible design, within project budget constraints.

Operations & Maintenance (OM) is responsible for maintaining academic buildings and grounds. The O&M group advises the project team on building and systems design to enhance building quality and provide long‐term maintenance and operational efficiencies. O&M representatives are expected to participate regularly in design and construction activities to ensure that projects are designed and built in a way that encourages easier and less costly maintenance.

Energy & Utilities (EU) leads campus utilities and energy management services. Campus Utilities is responsible for the coordination of campus utilities for all capital projects and the long‐term ownership of all campus utility systems. EU provides energy performance guidance for projects and the overall campus. EU also provides design reviews for the MEP and Controls trades,  coordinates external utility services (Com Ed, People’s Gas), and is expected to visit construction projects and provide written observations. Energy and Utilities teams with the CPD Project Manager to oversee the commissioning process.

IT Services (ITS) is University of Chicago’s central information technology organization. The ITS Group is responsible for working with CPD and User Groups to coordinate the design and oversee installation of telecommunications services and equipment in university buildings. ITS also prepares budget estimates for information technology infrastructure and audio‐visual systems that CPD project managers rely on when creating and updating complete project budgets.

Accessibility The Accessibility Group is responsible for ensuring university compliance with the state and federal laws relating to disability access. In addition, the Accessibility Group encourages universal access where practicable. The Accessibility Group is represented by the Accessibility Design Review Committee, which is comprised of experts from Facilities Services, the Office of Legal Counsel, the Provost’s office, and Campus and Student Life. In addition to the Accessibility Committee, Facilities Services – Campus Planning provides design review services for projects at each milestone during the design phase.

The Department of Safety and Security (DSS) provides input on building and pedestrian security during the design and construction process. DSS works with CPD, the A/E and the user group to coordinate the design and oversee the installation of electronic security systems. DSS also provides estimates for CPD use in budget development.

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) supports the University’s safety program for all students, faculty and staff. They provide environmental site assessments, pre-renovation surveys, fire and life safety reviews and training. Their purpose is to alleviate or reduce the severity of exposure to conditions or actions that can cause injury or damage to University assets.

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