Communications and Reporting

Project Communications and Reporting for all CPD projects are managed primarily with three tools:

  1. Identification of all project stakeholders, and the creation of a Project Directory
  2. Creating, updating, and implementing a Project Communication Plan, which includes a definition of:
    • Meeting type and frequency
    • Standards for distribution of meeting notes
    • Project notifications to affected neighbors or University departments, including logistics plans
    • Project report type and frequency
  3. Regular project reports

Accurate and timely reporting is the most critical component of the CPD project manager's communications. Regular and thorough reporting ensures that all stakeholders feel connected to the project. In order to ensure the appropriate level of transparency, Capital Project Delivery has established the following reporting protocols and tools:

Report Type Frequency Distribution List
Weekly Progress Update Weekly CPD, User Group, FS Technical Groups, Steering Committee (if applicable)
Construction Update As needed CPD, User Group, FS Technical Groups (if applicable), others as needed
Executive Project Summaries (Large projects only) Quarterly CPD, Steering Committee, Provost/CFO, Trustees

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