School/Department User Group

The school/department user group is the program advocate throughout the project and communicates with the project team through a single designated representative. This group may be  comprised of the Dean/Director, faculty, staff, and/or students. The User Group collaborates with Capital Project Delivery to provide project level leadership and to help the CPD project manager understand program needs in order to effectively communicate these needs to external team members. The User Group will designate one representative to be responsible for communicating all decisions to the CPD project manager.

Role of school/department user group representative: This representative is responsible for gathering, disseminating, and communicating information from the project team to their department/group as well as communicating from the department/group back to the project team within project schedule constraints. The CPD project manager coordinates directly with the representative. CPD relies on collaboration with the school/department representative to express the needs of the program to the President/Provost and to manage communication and decision making within the school/department.

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