Design and Construction Team

The Design and Construction team consists of external consultants, architects, engineers, and contractors. All of these entities are identified, selected, and contracted through established University procurement procedures. Some of these vendors, in particular architects providing design for Large Projects, have their selection processes defined through the Project Governance structure.

All team members selected to design and build the University’s capital projects operate under the direction of the CPD project manager. The primary objective for ALL vendors assigned to a specific project is to serve as a partner, assisting the University in realizing its objectives for the project.

The following is a list of vendors that provide design, consulting, or construction services on a typical small (less than $3MM) capital renovation project executed at the University of Chicago:

  • Architect/Engineer
  • General Contractor or Construction Manager
  • Furniture Vendor
  • Information Technology contractor (managed by IT Services)
  • Security Systems contractor (managed by Department of Safety and Security)
  • Audio‐Visual contractor
  • Signage Contractor
  • Commissioning Agent
  • Environmental survey and abatement contractors (assistance in management provided by Environmental Health and Safety)

On a larger, new construction project, additional consultants will be retained to provide geotechnical, surveying, traffic studies, and other services associated with the design and construction of a new building. For additional information, please refer to the Project Controls – Procurement section of the Guide.

Role of the Architect and Contractor/Construction Manager in Quality Management:
The University relies heavily on the project Architects and Contractors/Construction Managers to ensure a high level of quality in all aspects of design and construction of its capital projects. The University’s contracts demand high quality and it is expected that the University’s partners will deliver. Subpar work that is out of compliance with the project documents or executed contracts will not be accepted – therefore, it is in the best interest of all contractors to focus on built quality in order to avoid costly rework that may delay the schedule and expose the contractors to contractual damages.

For more detail regarding the University’s quality expectations, please refer to the Project Controls – Quality Management section of the Guide.

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