Facilities Notifications

Main Quadrangle Paving Project

May 20, 2024

The Main Quadrangle Paving Project (project) is scheduled to start on Thursday, June 6. The project scope includes installation of a new stormwater management system; installation of new concrete pavers; landscape enhancements and restoration; and lighting enhancements. Please see the below graphic showing the logistics plan and area of construction. The logistics plan will be posted at designated signage locations near the construction site.

The campus community can expect the following during project construction:

  • Site fencing, as shown on the graphic, will remain in place for the full duration of the project.
  • The crosswalk at 58th and University will be temporarily unavailable for use during construction hours.
  • Construction vehicles and equipment and materials will be on site throughout each working day.
  • Working hours are 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Weekend work will be scheduled, as needed.
  • Scheduled completion is by end of day, Friday, Sept. 6.
  • During the week of Sept. 9, final landscaping restoration is scheduled.

Paver project graphic

For questions, please contact Lindsay Haskins, project manager, at l.haskins@cotterconsulting.com.
Thank you for your patience throughout this project.

Ratner Athletic Center Air Handler Replacement

April 29, 2024

On Tuesday, Apr. 30, the contractor will mobilize and start work for the Air Handler Unit (AHU) replacement project at the Ratner Athletic Center.

The scheduled work activities and impacts include the following:

  • Tues. 4/30 through Wed. 5/1: A temporary dehumidification unit will be installed on the lawn north of the Ratner building along 55th Street. Fencing will be erected to surround the unit.
  • Wed. 5/1: AHU 5 which serves the pool area, only, will be shut down.
  • Wed. 5/1 through Fri. 5/3: Infrastructure serving AHU 5 will be disconnected.
  • Fri. 5/3: AHU 5 Condenser Evaporator unit will be disconnected.
  • Thur. 5/2 through Fri. 5/3: Existing Hot Water Supply and Hot Water Return will be isolated and demolished.
  • Week of 5/6: Crane pick to remove AHU 5 (specific date is TBD).
  • Note: On the date of the crane pick, the crane will be positioned on 55th Street, where the bike lane and sidewalk are on the south side of 55th Street. The bike lane and sidewalk will be temporarily closed with signage rerouting people to the north side of the street starting at 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Tues. 5/7: Concrete Demolition is scheduled from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Noise is to be expected during demolition starting after 8 a.m.

Updates will be distributed, as needed, throughout the project particularly to advise when the crane pick is scheduled.

For questions, please contact Krystal McDoom, project manager, at kmcdoom@uchicago.edu.

High Energy Physics (HEP) Pre-Demolition Activities

April 10, 2024

Pre-demolition work will resume on Monday, Apr. 15, and continue through Friday, May 10. The daily working hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The pre-demolition scope includes interior work throughout the first floor, at the exterior windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and on the roof. Scheduled completion is by the end of the day, Friday, May 10.

Throughout construction, the campus community can expect the following:

  • Temporary safety fencing on the north side of the building along 56th Street and on the south side of the building between Accelerator (ACC) and HEP.
  • The sidewalk along 56th Street will remain open for pedestrians; the pedestrian walkway between ACC and HEP will be closed.
  • The driveways to HEP and ACC will be closed.
  • HEP will remain closed throughout the pre-demolition activities.
  • A telehandler will be located within the construction fencing.
  • A scissor lift will be used around the circumference of the building.
  • Dump trucks for material haul away will be traveling down 56th between Cottage Grove and Ellis intermittently throughout the project.

HEP Project graphic

For questions, please contact Crystal Szewczyk, project manager, at ccarlson2@uchicago.edu

Thank you for your patience throughout this project.

Molecular Engineering and Modular Offices (MeMo)-Interior Renovation and Site Work

March 27, 2024

Foundation work for new modular offices (6) started in mid-March, and the delivery of the offices to the site will continue through the week of Mar. 25. The next few weeks will be focused on the installation of the modular offices and related site utility work. The installation will continue through April. Thereafter, construction of the connections between the existing and new modular offices will commence with construction completion scheduled for early to mid-June.

See the graphic below. Through Monday, Apr. 15, building occupants, various stakeholders, and visitors can expect the following:

  • Parking lane closures on 56th Street
  • Sidewalk Closures along 56th Street

MeMo Project graphic

For questions, please contact Raj Desai, senior project manager, at rajdesai@uchicago.edu.

Thank you for your patience throughout this project.

Rockefeller Chapel Exterior Envelope project-summer 2024

February 6, 2024

A project to repair the façade and restore the stained-glass windows is scheduled to start in early February. The project will mobilize throughout the month of February with actual construction starting in early March. The project schedule will continue through April 2026. 

The campus community can expect the following throughout the project:

  • There will be scaffolding and fencing erected throughout the project. 
  • All access to the chapel will remain open.
  • The circle at the east side of the chapel will remain open for drop-offs.
  • There will be debris dumpsters at the site.
  • Workers will be on site Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • There will be some noise associated with project activities.

Rockefeller Construction Graphic

Please direct questions to Patrick Lummen, project manager, at plummen@uchicago.edu.

Thank you for your patience during this work.

Stagg Field Bleacher Renovation

February 6, 2024

Starting in mid-March and continuing through July, construction activities are scheduled for the Stagg Field Bleacher Renovation at 850 E. 56th Street. The project scope includes installation of new bleachers.

The campus community can expect the following during construction activity:

  • Demolition of the existing bleachers and excavation of the surrounding area.
  • There will be periods of significant noise around the site associated with work activity such as drilling, jackhammering, sawing, and metal work.
  • Dust mitigation measures will be used to limit the spread of dust during demolition and excavation.
  • Site fencing will be installed, and access to sidewalks surrounding the location will be maintained throughout the project.
  • Traffic control will be provided on 55th Street when trucks are entering or exiting from the construction site.
  • With limited exceptions, access to the field, track and tennis courts will be maintained throughout the project.
  • At times throughout the project there will be related crane use, impacts to Stagg Field, and large deliveries.

Stagg Field Construction Graphic

For questions, please contact Crystal Szewczyk, project manager, at ccarlson2@uchicago.edu.

Harper East Tower Elevator

November 10, 2023

The Harper East Tower elevator will be out-of-service effective end of the day, Friday, Nov. 10. In its current condition, the reliability of the elevator is not consistent and it poses a safety concern when it is used, and entrapments are likely. 

There is a capital project approved and scheduled for the modernization of the elevator. The project will occur in 2024. Until the project is complete the elevator will remain out of service.

The extent of Harper Memorial Library East Elevator

  1. The East elevator is a traction-type elevator that was previously installed in 2006. The typical useful service life of the hoist drive motor, machine, essential components & mechanisms, and controller is 20 years.

  2. Currently, there is a lack of proper machine room cooling and enclosure (keeping doors shut to ward off dust and debris and maintaining proper ambient temperature may be straining controller components thereby significantly reducing the service life.

  3. The project scope for the modernization of the East elevator will replace all of the major operational and mechanical items. The scope also includes replacing the elevator cab (interior finishes), providing proper machine room cooling, updating fire service locks for BOTH East and west elevators, and installing a lobby fire command panel for both East and West elevators.

The campus community and visitors can expect to following while the elevator is out of service:

  • The scheduled elevator modernization will occur in Spring/Summer 2024

  • The Harper East Tower stairwell will be unlocked from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The doors will remain locked over the weekend.

  • The door between SSRB-5th floor and Harper will remain unlocked from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The door will remain locked over the weekend.

  • Signage will be posted at the elevator indicating the elevator is unavailable; please see the attached signage.

  • Project updates will be provided, as needed, regarding the start of work and progress made throughout the modernization process.

For questions regarding the status of the elevator modernization project, please contact John Choi, project manager, at jchoi21@uchicago.edu.

Woodlawn Charter Athletic Field at 64th Street

October 12, 2023

On Monday, Oct. 2, construction activity commenced with site mobilization for the construction of the new athletic field at The University of Chicago Charter School Woodlawn Campus. Construction fence panels have been installed and soil excavation commenced on Tuesday Oct. 10, and will continue over the next several weeks.

The campus community and neighbors can expect the following during construction activities: 

  • Daily working schedule is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Heavy truck traffic near the school especially along 64th Street. 
  • Construction vehicles will delay traffic, at times. 
  • Contractor parking will utilize street parking. 
  • Temporary measures will be implemented to mitigate dust.
  • Expected completion is Summer 2024.

For questions, please contact Krystal McDoom, project manager at kmcdoom@uchicago.edu.

Thank you.

Campus North Residential and Dining Commons-WINDOWS and ENCLOSURES

September 8, 2023

During the month of September, construction activities will start at the CNRC building and will continue throughout the academic year and into 2024. There will be swing stages and canopies in place on each elevation of the buildings. The below graphic shows the location of where work will occur on the building. Throughout the project schedule, construction updates will be distributed.

Building occupants and visitors can expect the following:

  • Swing stages will be installed and used throughout the work that will occur on the exterior face of the windows.
  • Canopies will be used as a means of protection over building entrances and exits.
  • A spotter will be on the ground when canopies and swing stages are installed and dismantled.
  • Daily inspections start at 8 a.m. before the daily exterior working hours from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • There will be minimal noise associated with this work activity.
  • All retail spaces will remain open.
  • Deliveries will be made at the loading dock, and a debris dumpster will be placed at this location, as well.

Please direct questions to Andrea Herring, project manager, at aherring@uchicago.edu.

Botany Pond: Demolition and Concrete Removal

August 23, 2023

Project activities are scheduled at the Botany Pond project; there is expected to be some noise associated with the activities and a change in the project fencing footprint. Please see the attached updated/revised project graphic.

Coring of the Concrete Wall

Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 9, the electrical contractor will be coring a new hole into the pond’s concrete wall in preparation for the installation of the pond’s filtration system components. This activity will have noise associated but will be complete before the end of the day.

Pond Liner Installation

Following the coring work for the concrete wall, the pond liner is slated to be installed at Botany Pond starting the week of May 13. Given the amount of materials needed for this installation and limited laydown space adjacent to the pond, the project site’s fencing will be temporarily expanded during the week as shown in the graphic. The fence will return to its current footprint by noon on Thursday, May 16 in time for the Alumni weekend activities begin. There will be minimal noise and all pathways will remain open during this time. This work activity is weather sensitive; if there are delays or changes to this schedule, we will update everyone accordingly.

Updates on these two activities will be distributed, if needed. 

For questions, please contact Lindsay Haskins, project manager, at l.haskins@cotterconsulting.com.

For more information visit the Botany Pond Project Page.

For questions regarding the Botany Pond Project, please contact Lindsay Taylor Haskins, project manager, at l.haskins@cotterconsulting.com

Thank you.

Green Hall Elevator modernization and improvement project

March 16, 2023

On Monday, June 5 a project to replace the existing elevator at Green Hall will commence. The work will continue through the end of the calendar year. The project is to replace the existing elevator with a new elevator that will provide direct elevator access at street level from the east building entrance and access to all floors within the building (newly extending access to the 5th floor).

Building occupants and visitors can expect the following:

  • ADA access to the building will be via the Social Science courtyard (west) entrance and by using the elevators in Foster (3rd floor) and Pick (floors 2, 3, and 4) to selected floors.  
  • At times throughout the project, the east building entrance at University Avenue will not be available.
  • Noise will be associated with this project.
  • Workers will be on site from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.
  • A debris dumpster will be placed on University Avenue (near Pick Hall) throughout the project.
  • Signage will be in place throughout the building to inform occupants and visitors.
  • During Elevator Closure: 


Green Hall Graphic

For questions, please contact C. Lee, project manager, at clee12@uchicago.edu.

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