Pierce Tower Demolition


Built in 1960 by local architecture firm Harry Weese and Associates, Pierce Tower Residence Hall and Dining Commons served The University of Chicago's student population for half a century. In June 2013, it was announced that a new residence hall and dining commons would be constructed on the site Pierce occupies.  Demolition began the following month and completed in December 2013.

Project Team


Demolition of Pierce Tower began August 2013 and completed December 2013.


Fire hose out window

The local Chicago Fire Department performed training exercises on August 15th and 16th. An angled fire hose, shown in the image above, can fight a blaze on an upper level from a lower story.

Wrecking Ball Preparing for demolition

Wrecking Ball outside of Pierce prepares for demolition.

Wrecking ball going though window

Pierce receives the first blow from the wrecking ball.

Crowd gathered to watch demolition

A crowd gathers a safe distance from the site to witness the demolition.

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