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Throughout the entire year, Campus Environment and Landscape Services staff continuously tend to the campus landscape to ensure our living ecosystem is healthy and thriving. 

Ongoing Assessments, Enhancements, and Maintenance

During the winter and early spring months, garden assessments occur, design documentation is completed, trees are hand-selected in local nurseries, existing trees and shrubs are pruned, new shrubs and perennial plants are procured, and installations are scheduled. 

The majority of garden maintenance begins in spring with the awakening and clean-up of gardens from the harsh Chicago winters. Shrubs and perennials that provided winter cover for our animals and insects are cut back to allow for regrowth. Potential projects for the following year are identified. 

Throughout the summer months, while the campus is quieter, the scheduled plant and hardscape enhancements are constructed throughout the botanic and endowment gardens. The design begins for projects planned to be implemented the following year. 

With the arrival of autumn, finalizing construction projects and preparing for the return of students and faculty is a top priority. Reviewing the winterization processes and identifying preventative care measures round out the year. Winter lights are installed at key areas along pathways and pedestrian gathering areas to add interest to the dormant landscape.     

In addition to the landscapes that make the entire University campus a recognized Botanic Garden, additional touches add seasonal interest. Container plantings are uniquely designed for each season and are changed and amended four times a year. 

Current and Upcoming Projects

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