Facilities Services Winter Gathering: Accolades & Awards, Food & Fun

Facilities Services (FS) gathered again for great food and fun and to acknowledge employees’ accomplishments. This year’s gathering did not include an associate vice president (AVP) for the department. However, FS is still going strong and has not missed a beat since the recent retirement of the last AVP, Jim McConnell. The University’s Executive Vice President, Katie Callow-Wright has been very hands on with the department that she oversees. In fact, it was Callow-Wright who welcomed the team to the gathering, one which has not occurred in this fashion since 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

FS had much to celebrate with peer nominations for the various awards reaching a departmental high with 21 nominations submitted across combined categories. 

11 employees were acknowledged for receiving a Spot Award this year. The Spot Award is an award recommended by employees that recognizes other employees for going above and beyond the call of duty. Spot Awards come with a certificate of recognition as well as a $15 gift card.

For the second time, Josh Garza received the Safety Spirit Award. Garza consistently demonstrates a sense of safety and care for his work and fellow electricians.

This year and for the first time, FS added an award for diversity and inclusion (D&I). The award is an addition to the 16-member Diversity Forum and D&I learning library that already exists to further the ongoing work. 

The team award went to the North Campus hiring committee. This committee was celebrated for being intentional about selecting qualified building engineers from diverse socio-demographic backgrounds.

The winner of the inaugural individual award was Manager of Financial Analysis, Christal Wilson. Wilson is known for her faithfulness in volunteering in FS’s community engagement projects and for her work with Project Hood. Wilson serves on the D&I Forum and has taught/presented on the subject matter to FS as well as to APPA. 

In addition to a Keller Team Award, there were two honorable mentions. The Building Maintenance Workers won the team award for exceptional performance in maintaining the dorms and for helping ensure the student body continually have a wonderful experience while on campus.

IT User Support Specialist, Josh Medina and Maintenance Program Manager, Adam Lucido were both honorable mention recipients. Medina was praised for competently resolving technical issues in a very calm, even-tempered manner, whether remotely or at the desk of FS Users. Lucido’s ability to adapt and collaborate and be a mentor all while furthering his education and being a featured guest speaker at the Maximo World Conference earned him the recognition. 

Project Manager, Krystal McDoom earned the individual Keller Award. She was recognized for being an ally and helping make a difference in FS’s M/WBE goals. She also worked on Mindworks: The Science of Thinking, which won AIA’s inaugural People’s Choice Award.

There were 31 FS staff members acknowledged for years of service based on being employed by the University from 5 to 40 years (in 5-year increments). Each staff member received a service pin and card signed by Callow-Wright.

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