Facilities Services’ Summer Meeting Filled with Retirees, Rehires, Rewards, and a Recap on Freedom of Expression

Facilities Services’ Summer Meeting Filled with Retirees, Rehires, Rewards, and a Recap on Freedom of Expression

Tiffany M. Grant

At the Facilities Services (FS) bi-annual all staff meeting, this June, a record number of employees who will be retiring over the next few months were acknowledged. The group of 18 retirees’ years of service ranged from 13 all the way up to 44 years of dedication to the University. Retirement can be an exciting time that people look forward to and it can also be a challenging time that comes with fear of the unknown. Building Engineer, Ron Klain summed it up this way, “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

While the department bid a farewell to those leaving the organization, FS opened its doors and gave a warm welcome to eight new hires. Two are boomerang employees who rejoined the team with open arms.

There were 17 employees recognized for receiving a Spot Award. This award is a kudos that comes with a $15 gift card for employees who engage in productive cross-unit collaboration, or outstanding work within their unit. In an “on-the-spot” fashion, recipients are presented with their award soon after their exceptional achievement occurs.

Junior Financial Analyst, Lennie Bold became an Alumna of the University and was congratulated for receiving her Master of Arts in Public Policy. Campus Services Manager, Freddy Izguerra was also commended for becoming an APPA Certified Educational Facilities Professional.

Tom Ginsburg at the FS All Staff meeting
Tom Ginsburg Speaks in front of the Facilities Services Division

In addition to celebrating the challenging work that FS employees are committed to, the group heard a moving message from the Leo Spitz Distinguished Service Professor of International Law, Faculty Director for Free Inquiry and Expression, Tom Ginsburg.

Professor Ginsburg thanked the FS team for their response to safely removing the recent encampment from the Main Quad. The University upholds freedom of expression, and it remains a core value today. During his discussion, Ginsburg shared that, “Free speech is to debate ideas for inquiry.” He encouraged the department comprised of four units, (Capital Project Delivery, Operations, Campus Planning & Sustainability and Finance and Business Services) to be “Tough on ideas and kind to people.”

FS Retirees
FS 2024 Retirees

Below is the list of retiring employees with corresponding years of service who were honored at the meeting.

  • Glenn Okazaki 44
  • Mitchell J. Baker 41
  • Greg Figueroa 34
  • Wayne Rhoades 31
  • Rick H. Schumacher 27
  • Felix Leen 25
  • Keith B. Woltkamp 23
  • Alvin R. Lewis 21
  • Jim N. Koushiafes 21
  • Ronald R. Klain 21
  • Bogey Lyczewski 19
  • Richard T. Teresiak 17
  • Rajko Ferenac 17
  • Van Cuong Auduong 15
  • C. Lee 14
  • Matthew Curtin 14
  • Ivanka Ferenac 13
  • Rayburn Thompson 13
FS New Hires
FS 2024 New Hires

Below is the list of recently hired employees who were welcomed at the meeting.

  • Mark Meyers - Director, Building Trades​
  • Candice Watkins - Manager, Campus Trades​
  • Charles Giles - Groundskeeper​
  • Grady Williams - Landscape Services Laborer​
  • Rodolfo Acosta - Groundskeeper​
  • Willieontae Soward - Utility Plant Assist Operator​
  • Daniel Perez - Material Control Coordinator​
  • Victor Vitela - Landscape Services Laborer​

Below is the list of employees acknowledged at the meeting for receiving a Spot Award.

  • Miro Skoric - FS Operations​
  • Kevin Ford - FS Operations​
  • Dorian Adams - FS Operations​
  • Lennie Bold - Finance and Business Services​
  • Christopher Lawerence - FS Operations​
  • Juan Diaz - FS Operations​
  • Mairead McGillian - Finance and Business Services​
  • Jemy Joseph - Finance and Business Services​
  • Eddie Garcia - FS Operations​
  • Keith Bayus - FS Operations​
  • Sabrina Colby - FS Operations​
  • Steve Dostal - FS Operations​
  • Kathleen Golomb - Campus Planning and Sustainability​
  • Abdull Gregory - FS Operations​
  • Nancy Gonzalez - Finance and Business Services​
  • Ernie Negrete - FS Operations​
  • Crystal Szwecyzk - Capital Project Delivery​

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