Facility Standards (FS)²

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Volume I—Introduction and Principles

Volume II—Project Development Processes

Volume III—General Design Requirements

  • 2021 Revised III.F Site, Civil, and Grounds Requirements (PDF)

  • 2021 Updates to III.M Electrical Systems: Recepticles for healtcare facilities, page 30 (PDF)

  • 2022 New Feature - 3X Indoor Air Quality Introduction & Guidelines (PDF)

Volume IV—Technical Details and Forms

  • 2021 New Feature - IV.E.12. Asset Management Form Template (Excel)

  • 2022 Update - IV.G.1 Excavation Approval Form (PDF)


The Facilities Services Facility Standards (FS)2 is a living document which is subject to change. Please refer to the latest version of the document in accordance with Exhibit C of the contract agreements.

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