Facility Standards (FS)² Volume IV

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Volume IV—Technical Details and Forms


FS2 Volume II Process Schedule

A. General Design and Construction Requirements

  1. OPR Guidelines
  2. OPR Example
  3. OPR Worksheet
  4. BOD Example
  5. Exhibit A, General Conditions of the Construction Agreement
  6. Guidance for Design Teams
  7. Off-Cycle Approval Process

B. Stewardship and Heritage Resources

  1. Resource Sheet Example
  2. Significant Space Sheet Example 1
  3. Significant Space Sheet Example 2

C. Sustainability

  1. LEED Feasibility Matrix
  2. LEED 4.0 Checklist
  3. Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  4. Component Useful Life Schedule
  5. Sustainability Checklist for Small Projects - See Volume II.

D. Accessibility

  1. Minimum Office Size Guidelines
  2. Accessibility Example
  3. Campus Accessible Route
  4. Handrail Details
  5. Accessibility Plan Example

E. Information Resources

  1. Room Number Assignment Guidelines
  2. Building Measurement Standards Policy
  3. Interior Signage Manual
  4. Exterior Signage Manual
  5. Interior / Exterior Signage Approval Process
  6. Closeout Documents Guide
  7. National CAD Standard
  8. BIM Standards
    1. BIM Standards Appendix
  9. Sample Space Plan
  10. Space Plan Layer Names
  11. Asset Management Form Template - 2021 New Feature
  12. Attic Stock Procedures - 2022 New Feature

F. Site, Civil, and Grounds Requirements

  1. Shrub Planting Detail
  2. Groundcover and Perennial Planting Detail
  3. Deciduous Tree Planting Detail
  4. Tree Protection Fence Detail
  5. Project Site Appearance SOP
  6. Construction Fence Graphics
  7. Oxford Light Pole Detail

G. Utilities

  1. Excavation Approval Form
  2. Guidelines for UC Utility Meters and Control Wiring Installation
  3. Metering responsibility Matrix
  4. Campus Utilities Metering Diagram
  5. Metering Schedule
  6. Building Utilities Change Authorization

H. Building Envelope

  1. Bird Safe Building Standards - Project Checklist
  2. Building Envelope Commissioning BECx Matrix

I. Interior Finishes and Accessories

  1. Accessories Matrix(To be developed)

J. Vertical Transportation

  1. Hydraulic Elevator Performance Chart
  2. Traction Elevator Performance Chart
  3. Elevator Door Performance Chart
  4. Elevator Cab Interior Finishes

K. Mechanical Systems

  1. Building Design Criteria Matrix
  2. Building Chilled Water Control Valve Detail
  3. 2-Way Water Coil Piping Detail
  4. 3-Way Heating Water Coil Piping Detail
  5. Pipe Penetration Details
  6. Steam Trap Detail
  7. Heat Exchanger Piping Detail
  8. Medium Pressure Reducing Station (PRV-2) Detail
  9. 2-Way Multiple Water Coil Piping Detail
  10. Chilled Water Bridge Diagram

L. Building Automation Systems

  1. Instrumentation and Control for HVAC specifications

M. Electrical Systems

  1. Electrical Overcurrent Studies

N. Fire Protection Systems (No forms currently available)

O. Maintenance and Operations Standards (To be developed)

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The Facilities Services Facility Standards (FS)2 is a living document which is subject to change. Please refer to the latest version of the document in accordance with Exhibit C of the contract agreements.

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