Facility Standards (FS)² Volume III

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Volume III—General Design Requirements


A. General Design and Construction Requirements

     A1. Minimum Lactation Station Guidelines

B. Stewardship and Heritage Resources

C. Sustainability

D. Accessibility

E. Information Resources 

     E1. National CAD Standard

F. Site, Civil, and Grounds Requirements - Revised 7/9/2021, revisions in red text

G. Utilities Systems

H. Building Envelope

I. Interior Finishes and Accessories

     I-1. Introduction and Guidelines

     I-2. Interior Finish Matrix

     I-3. Hardware Standards

J. Vertical Transportation

K. Mechanical Systems

L. Building Automation Systems

M. Electrical Systems - 6-21-2021 Updates to Wiring Divices: Receptacles for healthcare facilities, page 30, updates in red text

N. Fire Protection Systems

O. Maintenance and Operations Standards (To be developed)

P. FF & E

Q. Information Technology Services

     Q1. Structured Cabling Specifications

     Q2. Audio Visual Standards (To be determined)

R. Energy and Commissioning

S. Safety & Security

T. Environmental Health & Safety

U. Risk Management, Audit & Safety

X. Indoor Air Quality

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The Facilities Services Facility Standards (FS)2 is a living document which is subject to change. Please refer to the latest version of the document in accordance with Exhibit C of the contract agreements.

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