Our Strategic Themes

Facilities Services works carefully to align our strategic themes with the priorities of the University of Chicago and of the Finance & Administration division.

FS Strategic Themes:

Sustainability: Integrate sustainability considerations into all aspects of our operations and capital program by building awareness of the impact on our environment, taking steps to address that impact, and developing innovative solutions to increase conservation, reuse and recycling of natural resources.

Community Impact: Leverage the community benefits of our capital program and operations through strong collaborations with University partners, our city officials, neighbors, and local businesses. Aim to affect a positive impact on the communities that surround us.

Strategic Value: Ensure that our work supports the mission and vision of the University. Partner with key University stakeholders to provide accurate and meaningful data for decision support and analysis.

Service Delivery: Maximize the delivery of our services to provide a positive impact to clients while minimizing our disruptive impact on the operations of the University.

Financial Performance: Facilitate managing to budget at all staff levels. Identify savings that increase FS value to the University.

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