Our Themes

Facilities Services works carefully to align our Vision 2020 with the priorities of the University of Chicago.

FS Themes and Objectives:

1. Invest in Employee Success

    1.1. Invest in training and professional development
    1.2. Promote positive employee morale and engagement
    1.3. Provide technology, tools, equipment and application training

2. Impact and Engage Community

    2.1. Support local communities and MBE/WBE through workforce hiring
    2.2. Engage with neighboring communities and organizations
    2.3. Perform our civic duty through community service, charity, and leadership

3. Embody Sustainability

    3.1. Increase engagement, awareness, and participation
    3.2. Reduce carbon footprint
    3.3. Implement and codify sustainability practices

4. Promote Communication and Collaboration

    4.1. Increase collaboration across FS units
    4.2. Increase transparency through internal/external communication plan
    4.3. Simplify/clarify organizational structure and process

5. Foster Stewardship and Organizational Performance

    5.1. Manage department service delivery
    5.2. Consistent reliable data management
    5.3. Support department commitment to enhance physical space
    5.4. Financial integrity

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