Facilities Services Implements Mentorship Program

This Spring, Facilities Services will kick off its first employee mentorship program. The year-long program was designed with professional development in mind and as a way for employees to willingly connect with one another and share information. Participants will have the opportunity to tailor the program to cultivate their skills and gain new knowledge. FS mentors will act as positive role models and share their experience while providing guidance, motivation, and support. 

Interested employees completed the application process where they were asked to list both professional and personal areas of interests. The data was compared and ultimately mentors were matched with mentees based on goals. Some staff within the same FS Units were paired together, while others were paired across units. The program will be supported by monthly check-ins, quarterly group meetings, and suggested activities.

This inaugural cohort consists of six ambitious mentees ready to learn more about their particular fields, more about the University, and more ways to acquire personal attributes. Congratulations to FS on the implementation of the program and the best of luck to all the mentors and mentees.

For more information about the program, please contact Adrian Perkins, human resources coordinator at perkins1@uchicago.edu and 773.702.5310.

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