Facilities Services Community Engagement Project Backed by the Office of the Provost

High School Interns attend Facilities Services Summer Picnic

Last October, Vice Provost Melissa Gilliam issued a university-wide call for proposals regarding Inclusive Climate, designed to further the inclusiveness of the campus environment, and Community Engagement designed to promote stronger connections between the University and its surrounding communities. 

Tiffany Grant, executive administrator responded on behalf of Facilities Services (FS) to the Community Engagement request for proposal (RFP). This RFP supports research and activities to be conducted with members of our local community with grants up to $5,000 being awarded.

In the RFP, Grant provided an overview of a summer internship program that FS will begin with Hyde Park Academy located in the Woodlawn community. Since 2012, FS has provided a similar opportunity to ACE Technical Charter High School formerly located in Washington Park. 

Grant outlined part of the inspiration to partner with Hyde Park Academy. She recalled, “In February 2013, President Barack Obama delivered a televised speech on gun violence in the school’s gymnasium. In that speech, he spoke about a hole in the hearts of our youth that is caused by gun violence. Obama went on to say that the hole can only be filled by community, parents, teachers and clergy. FS would like to a be a part of the community to help fill these holes.”

In December, Gilliam informed Grant that FS was awarded $4,000 for this project. The internship program will begin this summer and run over a six-week period. Grant will follow up with The Campus-Wide Inclusive Climate RFP committee for an evaluation after the program has ended.

Congratulations to FS on being backed by the Office of the Provost on this project and the very best of luck on its continued community engagement.

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