Enhancements near 58th Street continue to improve pedestrian safety

The completion of the campus pedestrian enhancements along 58th Street, extending both east and west from the Main Quadrangles,  has made the pedestrian experience safer and more pleasant, encouraged informal encounters among faculty, students, staff and visitors and improved accessibility. The new pathway to the west removed obstacles and now opens up to the Crerar Quadrangle.

To continue to enhance the campus experience and safety, on Monday, Sept. 29, crews will extend a wall in the Crerar Quadrangle to separate pedestrians from loading docks located between Hinds Geophysics and the Bookstore. Separating pedestrians from vehicles lessens risk to all. This project is part of an overall plan designed specifically to increase accessibility and ensure the safety of our campus community.

For information, contact Project Manager Patrick Wilson at 773.834.8146. 

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