ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking with Facilities Services

ENERGY STAR® Benchmarking with Facilities Services Data Analyst, James Novack 

In collaboration with the University of Chicago Chicago Studies, and sponsored by the Program on the Global Environment, a one-hour Data in Dialogue session will be held April 19 at 4:10 p.m. with Facilities Services Data Analyst, James Novack. During the session that will take place via Zoom, Novack will focus on important data that helps support the work performed in Facilities Services. Attendees will be able to dive deep into the ENERGY STAR data portal, view how the University’s environmental impact is displayed within the campus’ energy use benchmarking, and learn more about the power of data. 

This opportunity allows Novack to showcase utility data that supports the University’s commitment to environmental impact. Novack is excited to share his knowledge of data and stated, “Data is something that spans so many different fields of study and can bridge so many gaps.”  

To take part in the discussion, refer to for instructions and registration for this event.

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