Campus Engagement Plan

UChicago’s Energy Services Team lays out an annual plan to engage students in energy efficiency using ENERGY STAR tools.  The calendar year 2020 plan has the following engagement events.

  • Academic Quarter 2 (January – March 2020)
    - Team up with Illinois Institute of Technology and Franklin Energy to complete an audit of a Chicago Public Schools K12 building
    Provide a tour of the West Campus Combined Utility Plant (WCCUP) to student Sustainability Ambassadors
    - Develop potential internship projects for Environmental Frontiers that will further the University’s greenhouse gas emissions goals and provide educational and vocational opportunities for students in energy and sustainability

  • Academic Quarter 3 (April – June 2020)
    - Provide training to UChicago students on energy benchmarking for standard educational and office buildings, laboratory buildings and Chicago area buildings

  • Academic Quarter 4 (July – September 2020)
    - Launch new UChicago Energy Initiatives and ENERGY STAR web page
    - Begin publishing regular energy updates in the Facilities Services Forward Newsletter
    - Support Environment Frontiers paid student energy internships
    - Publish the first UChicago Quarterly Energy Newsletter
    - Conduct an energy conservation workshop for facilities services staff with a focus on identifying energy conservation opportunities and ensuring energy savings persist

  • Academic Quarter 1 (September – December 2020)
    - Complete a student-led ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt
    - Facilitate a student tour of local Lakeshore Recycling center
    - Support the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories 2020 annual conference in Chicago

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