Campus, Building and Residential Services

The Service Level Agreement describes how FS provides a comfortable, functional, safe, and reliable environment through Basic Services, Recharge Services, Unfunded Projects, Operational Projects and Capital Requests.

The Operations unit consists of Building Services, Campus Properties, Campus and Residential Services, Operations and Maintenance, Engineering and Utilities, Maintenance Program Services and Residential Properties. 

Campus and Residential Services

  • Campus Services manages Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Elevator Inspection and Elevator Maintenance and Repair, Recycling and Waste Management, and Faculty Exchange intra-campus mail delivery.
  • Landscape Services maintains and improves campus grounds, including landscapes, athletic fields and horticultural features. Landscape Services also provides Snow Removal, University-owned vehicle fuel dispensing, and automotive maintenance.
  • Residential Properties provides portfolio management for the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty/staff university-owned properties. Facility managers provide operational oversight for the maintenance, occupancy preparation, and repair of the undergraduate residence halls and dining commons. For Graduate Student and Faculty/Staff Housing, a property manager handles tenant issues and coordinates the maintenance and renovation of University-owned apartments in the Hyde Park and Woodlawn communities to ensure that we are conscientious neighbors. Residential Halls & Commons Engineering provides building maintenance and dining equipment maintenance.
  • The Trade Services team addresses specific needs related to carpentry, decorating, locks and keys for building interiors, roofing, masonry, sheet metal and paving for exteriors on campus.
  • Electrical Services works closely with the engineering shops to maintain building electrical systems and also maintains and repairs campus exterior wiring, lighting and fire alarms systems.

Maintenance Operations and Engineering

  • Zone managers are assigned to two zones for Maintenance: the North Campus shop and the South Campus shop provide coverage for the entire campus. Zone responsibilities include preventative maintenance, capital renewal, security, health and safety, energy efficiency, and equipment maintenance.
  • The maintenance operations team is responsible for ensuring quality, balanced, and properly prioritized services are provided. Engineering provides specialized engineering project management, and preventative maintenance solutions. Inventory and call center staff manage materials and client service deliverly, respectively.

Engineering and Utilities

  • The Utilities and Sustainability team is responsible for long-term energy management programs, including strategic procurement of natural gas and electricity, energy conservation efforts, renewal energy portfolio, master planning, sustainability, and strategic initiatives.

Facilities Operations specializes in four types of work requests. They are:

Priority 1 – Emergency

Emergency work orders take priority over all other work and require immediate action to address situations that present immediate or imminent danger to life, health, safety, security or significant damage to buildings, equipment or other property.

Priority 2 – Urgent

Urgent work orders are unscheduled and reactive and may pose a threat of personal injury, cause property or equipment damage, or serious disruption of service. This is work demanding prompt attention to supplement emergency repairs or prevent a subsequent emergency. Urgent work orders may include responses to safety deficiencies and regulatory violations.

Priority 3 – Scheduled

Scheduled work orders address date-sensitive requests. This work may require prior coordination to procure supplies and/ or services. Scheduled work orders include preventive maintenance services intended to protect and preserve physical assets, and may include utility outages.

Priority 4 – Routine

Routine work orders address normal maintenance or requests for service that do not pose a threat to life and property or disrupt University operations. These requests are put in the job queue and are processed in the order they are received.

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