Electrical Services

Our electricians provide multiple services, including:

  • Maintenance, repairs, alterations and installations of electrical systems and components from low- to high-voltage distribution and end-usage devices.
  • Maintenance & repairs to all campus high-voltage electrical systems.
  • Electrical systems preventive maintenance and repairs.
  • Restoring power to tripped circuit breakers, lighting repair and small modifications to existing electrical systems.
  • Providing exterior path street lighting.
  • Lighting preventive maintenance.
  • Cleaning and re-lamping lighting fixtures. (Used lamps and bulbs are recycled.)
  • Maintenance and repair of programming lighting control panels and other electrical lighting devices.
  • Provision of emergency generators and related systems controls and associated preventive maintenance and repairs.
  • Construction interface with Capital Project Delivery and external vendor partners to conduct shutdowns, plan reviews and consultations.
  • Installation, repairs and preventative maintenance of fire alarm systems.
  • Fire systems programming changes.
  • Fire system shutdowns for Capital Project Delivery and external vendor partners.
  • Support and assistance to Capital Project Delivery, Building Services, and Engineering and Utilities.

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