Professional Development

Professional Development is the process of improving and increasing knowledge, skills, and abilities of staff through either access to education or training opportunities in the workplace, through outside organizations, or through watching others perform the job in the form of professional development program activities.

Professional Development programs and activities may include but are not limited to: opportunities for on-the-job training, cross-training, coaching, courses, seminars, conferences, lectures, meetings, workshops, and participation in professional and technical associations.


  • The employee and supervisor should jointly discuss professional development goals, review available opportunities, and determine applicable benefits.
  • Discussions about professional development goals may occur at any time during or after the performance review cycle and should occur as part of the annual performance appraisal.
  • The supervisor and employee may jointly formulate an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to work collaboratively to build on the employee's effectiveness in performing the current University position and/or prepare the employee for future positions

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