Law School Roof and Facade Repair

August 15, 2019

Project activities will start at 8 a.m. on Monday, Aug.19, at the law school to replace a portion of the roof, and to repair a portion of the façade at the penthouse walls. A fence will be installed to create a clear and safe walking path to the building and parking lot; it will remain in place for both projects. Please see the below graphic showing the areas of work.

  • The roofing work will continue through Thursday, Sept. 19.
  • The stucco repairs and painting will continue through Saturday, Sept. 28.

The building occupants and the campus community can expect the following:

  • All building entrances will remain open.
  • Site staging for the roofing project will be at the southwest corner of the building; a vehicle will be on-site throughout the duration of the work; a hoist will be installed to raise and lower material to the roof elevation.
  • Some noise will be associated with this work.
  • Site staging for the façade stucco repairs and repainting will start following the removal of roofing material and equipment. 

Thank you for your patience during this work.

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