FS welcomes ACE Tech interns

For the third consecutive year, Facilities Services (FS) has partnered with ACE Technical Charter High School in Washington Park to offer summer internships to students. For six weeks, 13 interns will work for a variety of different departments in FS at the University of Chicago.

“For most of the students, it is their first job and it gives them an experience that they have never had before. They are gaining experience in business etiquette, effectiveness, punctuality and even taxes,” says Roslyn Johnson, director of procurement and economic impact.

The interns also attend a weekly "Lunch and Learn" program featuring employees from all areas of FS sharing their workforce experience and expertise. The discussions include topics such as customer service, project management and campus planning.

“These internships prepare students for their next opportunity," says Erin Mulrooney, executive director of the Business Systems + Finance unit. “It benefits our staff as much as it benefits the kids. The level of excitement that these young people feel really energizes FS."

ACE Tech students applied and interviewed with their potential mentors and were selected based upon their professionalism and enthusiasm. Read on to learn more about three rising seniors at ACE Tech who are working as FS interns this summer.

Name: Tyler Goodlow

Concentration: Construction  

Mentor: Ivan Markotic, journeyman plumber

Unit: Operations, residential properties division

Projects: "I’m working on plumbing and fixing anything that needs to be fixed like toilets, showers, and sinks in resident halls."

What are you favorite parts of the internship? "I’m enjoying it because I’m always learning something new. I get to take things apart and learn how they work and then fix them up. My favorite part of the internship is working with Ivan. We’re building a strong personal bond."

Why are you interested in construction? "It’s important that humans learn how to do things that machines cannot. Everyone needs plumbing on a daily basis and the knowledge I’m gaining will help me fix problems on my own instead of asking other people."

What are your plans after graduation? "I want to continue working in the plumbing industry."

Name: Janet Tamayo

Concentration: Architecture and engineering

Mentor: Leslie Kittles, executive project administrator

Unit: Business Systems + Finance

Projects: Assisting with various clerical tasks.

What are you favorite parts of the internship? "The environment is really engaging and it’s exciting to work at such at a large institution. Everyone is really friendly. Leslie is very supportive and friendly and I’m enjoying the freedom and independence of my work."

What is your favorite building on-campus? "Mansueto is my favorite building because of the lighting and structure. It’s very inviting and makes you want to go in. Gothic architecture is my favorite building style and I think the campus is beautiful."

What are your plans after graduation? "I am currently creating a list of colleges to apply to."

Name: Keshaunna Moon

Concentration: Construction

Mentors: Jennifer Fifield, assistant project manager, and David Rift, senior project manager  

Unit: Capital Project Delivery

Project: William Eckhardt Research Center building project

What are you favorite parts of the internship? "I’m learning a lot. I get to attend meetings and learn about lots of different projects. I also really like going on-site visits."

Why are you interested in construction? "I like when we finish projects and it makes me feel good to come out with a product. I like seeing everything come together."

What are your plans after graduation? "Since I’ve been studying construction, I’ve realized that I really like it. I want to go to college but I’m not sure what to study yet."

-- By Sony Rane, Sustainability program coordinator

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